10-foot python attacks boy as he sleeps in his bed

A young Australian boy was left bloody after being attacked by a python in his bed in an incident that his mother is describing as a real-life “nightmare."

The mother of 6-year-old Tyler, identified only as Tamara, told the Nambucca Guardian News that she woke up to her son's screams last Friday at their home near Macksville in New South Wales.

“It was like a nightmare,” she said Wednesday. “It was a terrifying scream and I didn’t know what had happened -- I certainly didn’t think it involved a snake. I have no idea how it even got into the house.”

The mother rushed into the bedroom to find Tyler bitten several times in the face by a python around 10 feet in length. She told the newspaper that she found the snake wrapped around her son’s stomach and was able to pull it off.

Following the attack, Tamara’s cousins arrived at the property and killed the snake while she took Tyler to the hospital. A hospital official said a boy had been brought to the hospital on the night of the attack and was discharged the next day.

“Tyler doesn’t remember anything -- which is the best part,” she told the Nambucca Guardian News. “He was only complaining about his finger hurting.”

A photo posted on Facebook, purportedly showing one of the cousins holding up the dead snake, has been shared more than 5,000 times, according to the newspaper.

Facebook user Hollie van Es, who claimed in a post that Tyler was her nephew, wrote “Thank God Brady came to save the day and got rid of it.”

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