Air Force Sergeant With HIV Failed to Tell 'Multitude' of Sex Partners, Report Claims

A U.S. Air Force sergeant infected with HIV is under criminal suspicion for allegedly failed to inform a "multitude" of sexual partners about his medical status, The Smoking Gun reported Thursday.

The Air Force Office of Special Investigations reportedly launched a criminal probe last month after receiving information that Sgt. David Gutierrez, 43, "engaged in numerous, unprotected sexual acts…over the course of three years."

Gutierrez, stationed at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kan., was apprehended on Aug. 9 for allegedly violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the website reported. Investigators then reportedly searched his home to "identify potential witnesses and victims."

Gutierrez’s wife, Gina, reportedly told investigators that the 20-year military veteran contracted the virus in 2007 while he was stationed in Italy. She said Gutierrez notified his partners in Italy about possible exposure but failed to do so once he was reassigned to McConnell Air Force Base in 2008.

She said Gutierrez, who was allegedly addicted to adult networking websites, "began having unprotected sex with numerous partners" at "swinger" parties in Kansas and did not tell partners about his HIV status, the website reported.

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