3 Colombians brought to US in alleged visa fraud scheme carried out at US embassy in Bogota

The Justice Department says three Colombian nationals have been brought to the United States to face charges that they engaged in a visa fraud scheme through the U.S. Embassy in Bogota.

The department says the defendants created fictitious backgrounds for others in an effort to assist more than 100 otherwise inadmissible Colombian nationals who wanted to obtain a U.S. visa. The department says many of the aliens did obtain fraudulent visas to enter the United States.

Humberto Toro Mejia, 60, appeared in federal court Thursday in Washington, D.C. Heliber Toro Mejia, 52, and Luz Elena Acuna Rios, 52, made court appearances on July 14. All three are from Bogota and are charged with conspiracies to commit visa fraud and smuggle aliens for profit.