Woman claims United didn't do enough about alleged groping

A former education adviser to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said she was repeatedly groped by a drunk on a United flight to New Jersey.

Katie Campos wrote on Twitter that she was “shocked” that airline officials did not do more to protect her and other women from a “visibly, highly intoxicated” creep’s paws during their 45-minute flight from Buffalo to Newark.

Campos said the man repeatedly grabbed her upper, inner thigh, even after she pushed him away.

“The first time I swatted his hand away very forcefully,” she said. “The second time I asked him to stop touching me, to which he replied that he wasn’t touching me.”

After the third time, Campos went to the back of the plane to report the perv to a flight attendant.

“I told the flight attendant that I refused to go back to sit in my seat and that I was very uncomfortable being near him,” she said.

She reported that the man was harassing the women sitting on his other side and that she’d overheard him asking to kiss her, even after she told him repeatedly to leave her alone.

Campos was then moved to an open middle seat in the row behind the creep.

The other woman also asked to switch seats when an attendant came over to ask if she was ok.

“This was the worst part,” Campos wrote. “The woman was in the window seat of a dark plane traveling past midnight. This man was way bigger than her. He was forcing himself on her. He repeatedly leaned over to her face and touched her.”

Campos said that even after her and the other women were moved, the disgusting creep kept making comments at them and continued touching other female passengers.

“It continued to escalate and the only reason it ended is that the flight was ending,” she said.

The man, identified by police as Michael Hildebrand, was met by officers when the plane landed and charged with disorderly conduct, the Washington Post reported.

In a statement to the paper, United said they were conducting an internal review and had “no tolerance” for the behavior described by Campos.

Campos, the executive director of a Teach For America chapter in Buffalo, wondered why the visibly drunk man had even been allowed on the plane and why attendants did not do more to watch or stop him.

“What would have happened if this was a 2 hour flight?” she asked. “A lot happened in 45 minutes, while this behavior was not stopped.”

This article originally appeared on the New York Post.