Every year theme parks come out with record-breaking roller coasters that push the boundaries. This year it’s Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Full Throttle.  The park’s newest coaster opened this past weekend and now holds the title as the world’s tallest and fastest looping roller coaster.

At a top speed of 70 miles an hour and reaching heights of 160 feet, here’s what you need to know if you think you’re brave enough to take a ride on this one:

1. Really fast


(Six Flags)

Just how fast? The coaster goes from zero to 70 miles-per-hour while it’s hitting the world-record breaking 160- foot loop.  The coaster uses a linear synchronous-motor magnetic launch system to catapult riders.

2. Three launches


(Six Flags)

This baby has not one, not two, but three launches: two forward launches and one backward launch into and out of an underground tunnel.

3. Seriously high


(Six Flags)

Full Throttle now earns the title of tallest coaster around -- surpassing Superman: Krypton Coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas which is 145-foot-tall.  The ride is situated near the park entrance so you get a great view of the area, that is if you’re eyes are open.

4. A top hat, not for wearing


(Six Flag)

A top hat, in roller coaster terms, means an ascent at a 90 degree angle, a twist, and then a drop at a 90 degree angle.  This top hat is attached directly onto the back of the vertical loop and rides along the outside.

5. Your route


(Six Flags)

After up hit the 160 foot-high loop, you swerve up a curve, take a left turn, drop down a dive loop–then you stop. But the ride isn’t over.  Then you go backwards.

6. No over-the-shoulder restraints


(Six Flags)

If you’re one who likes the extra security of the over-the shoulder restraints, you may want to think twice about going on this ride. The only thing preventing you from dropping 16 stories is a lap bar.  Don’t worry; it’s safe and the latest in modern theme park technology, so you won’t fall out.

7. Seating arrangements


(Six Flags)

Riders are loaded onto sleek black and silver trains. If you’re looking for the most intense experience as you whip around turns, go for the back seats.  If you want a look at your free-fall, pick the front seats. If you’re worried about who might witness your total meltdown, fear not.  Each train has three cars with three rows each, seating two abreast per row.  So, only about 18 people will catch you sobbing up close.  Make sure they’re all people you’ll never see again.

8. Shorter than you think


(Six Flags)

The entire ride takes less than one minute.  But it may be the longest 60 seconds of your life.