Waterslide stunt goes viral, but he says his friends can do it too

A man at a Jamaican resort has become an Internet sensation after footage of his incredibly suave waterslide dismount went viral on Twitter.

In the clip, which was first posted to Twitter on June 4 by Morgan Evick, the resort-goer can be seen zooming down a green waterslide into a plunge pool at the bottom. But instead of simply splashing downward upon exiting the slide, the young man skims several feet across the surface of the water until he reaches the edge of the pool, then calmly stands up and walks away.


Thanks in no small part to the man’s super-smooth waterslide skills, Evick’s post has garnered more than 150,000 likes, 83,000 retweets and over a thousand comments.

But is it real? Evick’s video has been called into question, with outlets such as Fox 8 Cleveland wondering if the stunt was “too good to be true,” and TMZ hypothesizing that a hidden edit would explain the man’s surprisingly slick moves.

But the man in the video must have been privvy to these mounting accusations, because he's since revealed to TMZ how he supposedly accomplished the feat.

His name is Rolando Johnson and he’s actually a lifeguard at the Pirates Island Waterpark inside the Beaches Resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, where the video was shot. According to Johnson, he gets a push at the top of the side, to increase his speed, and then he crosses his legs and sits upright before hitting the water.


Johnson also explained that it took him two years to learn the stunt, and that most of his fellow lifeguards can do it too. What’s more, he says they often get requests from tourists to perform the trick.

Indeed, a number of other Twitter users have responded to Evick with their own vacation videos from Pirates Island, and other young men can be seen attempting the same trick.

Nevertheless, Evick later tweeted that she will attempt to "find this dude at the resort later and let him know he's Twitter famous."