It’s difficult not to feel your spine-tingle when you spot the scary fish make a beeline for a scuba diver.

But an amazing clip shows a brave scuba diver, swimming in the North Atlantic waters near Florida, cuddling up to a shark.

In a jaws-dropping twist, the diver reaches out and begins affectionately stroking the shark, which has since been nicknamed Blondie.

Instead of bearing a row of sharp teeth, Blondie almost gives a friendly smile to the camera as she swims through the ocean.

Adorably, Blondie nuzzles into the diver while he’s stroking her face.

Since the jawesome clip was posted online, there’s been speculation over what breed of fish features in the footage.

While some internet users have speculated whether or not it’s a harmless nurse shark, others are adamant that it’s a lemon shark.

Lemon sharks swim the subtropical Atlantic waters of Africa and America and often feed on smaller species of fish.

The International Shark Attack File notes that the lemon shark has carried out ten unprovoked attacks on humans, none of which were fatal.

The surprising video is a dramatic contrast to the terrifying footage of a shark knocking a paddleboarder into the sea which emerged last month.

In the shocking clip, Maximo Trinidad is seen surfing off the west coast of Florida when the spinner shark suddenly torpedos towards him.

The paddleboarder is sent sprawling backwards, almost landing on top of the predator.

As the shocked surfer clambers back onto the board, he screams with delight: "I got it on film!"

Maximo told CBS New York: "He landed on the side of my board and then I had to like jump over him so I won't get bitten.

"It's just a matter of a couple of feet. I mean, I could have ended up on top of him."

The resilient surfer said his encounter should not prevent people from enjoying the ocean, and that people should remain aware of their surroundings.

The video was uploaded to Youtube by Maximo with the caption: "During lunch break and decent surf building with strong offshore winds I had an unexpected encounter of a spinner kind."