Wacky giraffes take center stage at local zoos

With their long, lanky legs and elegant necks, giraffes are a popular stop for many zoo patrons.

Despite their reputation as relatively docile creatures, they do much more than munch on leaves.

A string of rare incidents at local zoos is highlighting some unusual giraffe antics.

In Japan, visitors to Asahiyama Zoo in Hokkaidō witnessed a bizarre scene on Tuesday where an eight-year-old giraffe named Genki somehow managed to trap his own head between a fake tree branch and fake leaf, reports RT News.

Genki wasn’t able to put up much of fight while the tree held him captive, and at one point he’s seen rearing up on his hind legs in a desperate attempt to free himself.

It took zookeepers 15 minutes to figure out how to free the animal by unscrewing the fake leaf from the tree.

Last week, a galloping giraffe at Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo treated onlookers to a joyful spring dance.

When warmer weather comes to Chicago, the giraffes are released into their outdoor habitat, The Savannah Exhibit. Each season, zookeepers have to wait until temperatures reach at least 45-50°F for the animals to be comfortable outside, reports Fox 5 NY.

Two-year old Potoka was caught prancing and dancing around his enclosure for the first time after a long winter.

Down in Orlando, staff at The Brevard Zoo recently welcomed a new addition to its family of giraffes. The calf was born to 14-year-old Milenna, who was pregnant for more than a year, and a 17 year old male named Rafiki.

But the infant ungulate is already breaking records. The male baby clocked in at 6 foot 4 inches tall making him the tallest giraffe ever born at the facility.

He has not yet been named but mother and baby will stay out of public view for a few weeks until they are ready to make their official debut.