Video shows teen as she tumbles over cruise ship stairwell rail

Here’s another reminder for tourists to obey the rules, especially on a moving cruise ship.

South Carolina teenager Annie Schwenker survived a frightening tumble pretty much unscathed after sliding down the ship’s stairwell banister.

In a video posted to social media, Schwenker, 17, and a girlfriend, who were dressed for a night of dancing, are seen attempting their stunt while a friend shouts, “Annie, don’t fall!”

Schwenker did fall --backward in the middle of the stairwell, hitting the bannister one floor below.  “We were at a club in the cruise ship called Dazzles — it’s like an oldies club — and we went to the bathroom then decided to go ‘railing surfing’ back down there and I basically did a backflip and landed on the same railing on the flight of stairs below me,”  Schwenker told BuzzFeed Life.

The video was from a cruise two months ago during spring break and was originally tweeted by Schwenker’s friend Maddie Frank, who was asked by Schwenker to delete it. Frank kept the video and eventually posted the video on Twitter with Schwenker’s permission.

Schwenker told The Daily Dot she was sober during the incident and managed to walk away with just a split lip and a broken rib.