Travel + Leisure debuts revamped magazine and web design

Aspirational travel magazine Travel + Leisure has just gotten a full-fledged facelift.

After seven months as the property’s new editor-in-chief, Nathan Lump unveiled his new vision today which is, in his words, “More immersive, more experiential, and more inspiring.”

The May issue of the magazine, which is due to hit stores and mailboxes early next week, may carry the same logo the inside is radically different. There are new sections, fonts and a new approach to photography. At 196 pages, it's also the heftiest May edition of the magazine since 2008.

Lump also said the magazine is moving away from featuring news readers would be likely to view on the web weeks before receiving a hard copy, according to Skift.

Online, the redesigned, has also gotten a makeover. There are bigger pictures, fewer words, simpler navigation and minimal headlines. The “immersive experience” online is interpreted as more slideshows in a lightbox format and continuous scroll on stories—which can aid mobile viewing—all ideally designed to keep users on the site for longer.

While the homepage is brand new, over the next few weeks, the team will continue to transition all digital content toward the redesigned format.