The perks of being a CEO seem pretty nice: a corner suite, a serious salary, and maybe even a little travel. But one new forward-focused travel planning and booking company is changing the game by hiring a new sort of CEO — a Cultural Exploration Officer — to travel the world on their behalf.

Noken, a company that builds curated trips to a handful of thoughtfully selected countries, is hiring the redefined CEO to travel to to Japan (Travel + Leisure’s Destination of the Year), Portugal, and Iceland to capture content and write blog posts about the experience. The CEO will be tasked with getting out of their comfort zone to “meet somewhere new,” and learn about and experience other cultures.

Once the CEO is “hired” they’ll take one trip a year using Noken’s app guide to create content to be shared across Noken’s social media channels and write three blog posts about the experience. Not too much work for a CEO, right?

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To be considered to for the position, applicants are required to be 21 years or older, have a U.S. passport and the flexibility to travel, know how take a beautiful photo and, obviously, have an interest in travel and “a desire for new and different experiences.” Applicants must also prove they’re worthy of the job by first introducing Noken to their very own hometown by posting five photos of their own hometown’s “landmarks and local gems.” Applicants are requested to post the photos in a carousel on Instagram, tag @noken, describe why they should be Noken’s next CEO, and include the hashtag #NokenCEO.

And even if you don’t win, Noken might be the perfect travel app to plan your next trip. An all-in-one travel app, Noken takes the hassle out of trip planning by building an optimized “Travel Blueprint” that takes into consideration your budget and preferences to help build your dream itinerary for a trip to one of the curated destinations.

Using the app, guests plan and book their trip, including accommodations ranging from luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels, activities, and even restaurant reservations, which are then compiled into an organized itinerary in the app. The app gives daily routes to follow to maximize exploring time, GPS directions, and the chance to directly chat with the Noken Experience Team for tips and suggestions. And unlike most regular group trips or itineraries, if you change your mind, you’re not forced to follow the group and can deviate from the path.

As of now, Noken is currently only offering trips to Japan, Portugal, and Iceland, but it plans to launch new destinations frequently, allowing for people to meet a lot of somewhere new.

Until then, it might be time to start studying up on on job interview questions — or in this case, how to take the perfect instagram — to make sure you get the job.

This story was originally published by Travel + Leisure.