Tourists are trashing Shanghai Disney, but it's not even open

The Shanghai Disney Resort, the first Disney park in mainland China, is scheduled to open on June 16, but tourists apparently can’t wait another month to do what tourists often do – behave badly.

Disney Town, located adjacent to the park, opened to the public on Monday – China’s Labor Day – and, according to the South China Morning Post, the behavior of visitors left a lot to be desired.

Visitors to the park were seen defacing Disney property, disposing of trash anywhere they wanted and walking through landscaped areas.

One person decided to become the park’s first graffiti artist, albeit not an imaginative one, scrawling “was here traveling” along the side of a lamppost.

Numerous tourists ignored signs warning them to stay off the grass and to stay out of the flowerbeds. Some even picked flowers.

Pictures posted on Shanghaiist revealed tourists flouting the rules of civility, as well as the aftermath of their boorishness.

While littering may be a common occurence in theme parks, public defecation is not. One mother was seen helping her child, ummmm, fertilize the lawn.

And the park hasn’t even opened yet.

So be forewarned, China. This is no way to treat a Magic Kingdom.