A glamorous traveler will want a gift this holiday season to be as luxurious and extravagant as his or her lifestyle.  Here are some gift ideas that will allow even the most finicky of adventurer to travel comfortably without forgoing style -- and will leave them feeling lavishly prepared to tackle just about anything.

1. Tumi X Ketel One Backpack



This is an upscale backpack for the traveler who doesn’t like to leave their favorite drink behind.  The exclusive backpack is made from rich coated Italian canvas with black leather trim. Each side has a water-resistant pocket to securely hold one liter-sized bottle of Kettle One Vodka (or any other non-alcoholic liter beverage of your choice).

The main opening in the front unzips to a spacious compartment with custom-made pockets for a shaker, 1 oz. and 2 oz. jiggers and mixing spoon- all of which come included with the backpack. A second storage area in the back can be used for other personal items like a laptop or iPad.

Available at Tumi.com and Tumi stores nationwide. Price; $695.

2. The Necklace Case by Vanesa Rey


(Vanessa Rey)

This phone accessory not only keeps you connected to your loved ones when you’re on the go, it ensures you will never let you leave important things behind again.  Combining glamour with function, it includes a slim snap closure wallet that comes in several different colors of genuine leather and three seasonal colors of animal-friendly vegan leather.

To give the case a more chic and modern appeal, the front of some wallets come with crystal-set embellishments inspired by vintage jewelry. Inside the wallet, three slots are available to hold credit cards or cash. The case attaches to a removable jewelry-grade chain to hang your phone around your neck so whenever you need to grab cash or an incoming call your phone is instantly reachable.

Also, going through check-in and security at an airport is easier if your ID and ticket are around your neck. “The design of the case leaves your home screen easily accessible, making airline texts on gate updates quickly read, photos of breathtaking scenery snapped in an instant, and effortlessly sharing your travels through social media,” Vanesa Rey, creator and designer told FoxNews.com.

Available for iPhone 5s at Vanesarey.com. Price; $149 for jewelry embellished cases, $99 for signature collection.

3. The Power Nap Head Pillow


(Hammacher Schlemmer)

Every glamorous traveler needs their beauty sleep, but let’s face it, when you’re running from one airport or train station to the next you may not find a suitable place to rest up. The power nap head pillow will help any drowsy jet-setter in need.

The long helmet-like pillow fits over your head to block out all the loud noises and bright florescent lights, so you can relax and fall into a restful sleep wherever you are.  A large opening in the front of the pillow provides you with just enough room for your nose and mouth to breath and two smaller openings over the ears give you a place to tuck your hands in if you wanted to sleep leaned over a tray table or desk.

While it may not win you any fashion awards, the soft Viscose rayon fabric creates a cocoon pillow that makes any sleeping position more comfortable.  And as any traveler knows, looking like an ostrich for a few hours is a small price to pay for fewer stiff necks and bags under the eyes.

Available at www.Hammacher.com. Price; $99.95

4. Baby Alpaca Blanket


(Baby alpaca pillow pictured, bethelightny.com)

This might be the closest thing to getting hugged by a super model. Petra Nemcova, a former Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated cover girl, has flights to catch every two to three days. Whether it’s to an exotic island for a photo shoot or back to her home in Haiti, Nemcova loves to bring one of her new super soft and luscious blanket with her.

Nemcova’s new home décor line, “Made In Peru” features plush Peruvian baby alpaca throws that are perfect to bring with you on a long, cold flight or for extra warmth at your hotel. “The blanket is extremely warm and the softness if like a hug. People can also be picky about using blankets the airline gives you, so when I travel with the blanket I know I will be kept warm without having to worry about germs or anything like that,” she told FoxNews.com.

The throws come in several different colors and are double-sided to offer a statement side with a geometric design and a “simple” side with a solid color. You can also take advantage of the holiday gift bundle that includes the throw and one of her luxury candles. Her candles come in scents inspired by the countries she’s traveled to like Haitian Hibiscus Breeze or the more seasonal Czech Holiday Cookie.

Available at www.bethelightny.com Price; $1050 for double-sided blanket/candle bundle.

5. JumpJet



Give the gift of private jet transportation (and no we’re not talking about parking a $50 million dollar private jet sitting under the tree). JumpJet, the first and only private jet membership club, offers private jet memberships so travelers can fly in luxury without overpaying for first-class tickets.

Starting at $1,500 per month on their Premier membership plan, members get 10 guaranteed round trips annually within their own and neighboring time zone (ie: From NY to TX or CA to CO). Other membership plans are available for travelers who want to fly further, or even coast to coast. Flying by private jet offers the most pleasurable experience with seating room designed for sleeping or lounging. Most of their jets come equipped with flat screen televisions, entertainment units for movies and video games and WiFi.

A private jet also saves the glamorous traveler from rushing to the gate. Members simply meet a JumpJet representative at their home base airport 20 minutes before the departure time and then can walk right outside to board their plane, eliminating all the hassle of long check-in and security lines. “It is definitely unique. When was the last time someone opened an envelope and it said 10 round trips on a private jet with love… plus it’s a great way to thank clients, employees and even plan a future trip with colleagues,” JumpJet CEO and founder Will Ashcroft told FoxNews.com.

Available at www.Jumpjet.com Price; membership plans vary, one-time registration fee of $550.