This Virgin Atlantic plane can be yours for just $300K

Lady Penelope, the first 747-400 series jumbo jet to enter service with Virgin Atlantic back in 1994, has been put on sale on eBay.

The plane, which flew its last commercial flight in September from JFK to Heathrow, has been sitting in an airplane graveyard in Arizona since 2015.

Despite being one of the most glamorous planes when she came into service, only one bid exists for Lady Penelope-- at just $299,000. But if you've got almost $1 million to spare, you can purchase the plane for just $900,000. (The plane only has one bid, but over 500 people are watching.)

There may only be one interested buyer but the page is hot, racking up 2,000 views per hour.

Before making a bid though there are a few disclaimers.

1. The price does not include delivery

2. You are basically buying the shell. The engines and all key avionics have been removed.

“We have all of the capabilities to disassemble and transport the plane in sections. It is also possible to section out the plane out if you only require the fuselage, cockpit or the wings,” the seller, Concord Aerospace, says on eBay.

“Lady Penelope, as with all Virgin Atlantic plane liveries, has a unique feature that is the large illustration of their iconic ‘Flying Lady’ on both sides of the tail section,” the pitch on the eBay page goes on.

“This is a 50’ by 30’ large scale painting on the fuselage that could be cut out and can become one of the most unique aviation memorabilia in any collection.”