As their name suggests, superyachts are meant to impress. From their football-field lengths to their over-the-top amenities—waterfalls, movie theaters, detachable beach houses—these massive vessels are becoming ever more exquisite in design.

And the concept superyachts unveiled in 2016 were no exception.

Some of them may cost upwards of $100 million, but what would you expect to shell out for a craft with its own infinity pool or tropical garden? From a vessel that moves as gracefully as a whale to one that transforms into a personal submarine, AD looks back at the best concept superyachts of the year.

1. Yacht with helipad and infinity pool

yach 1

(Rendering: Courtesy of Hareide Design)

This concept yacht by the Norwegian firm Hareide Design somehow manages to squeeze in such luxe features as a helipad, an infinity pool, and gardens. It helps that the superyacht is 354 feet long—just six feet less than the length of a football field. The six-level craft could almost double as a luxury hotel, with three upper decks devoted exclusively to living space. Below that is an elevated dining area with nearly uninterrupted views of the water.

2. Luxury plus the ability to explore the depths below

submersible yacht

(Rendering: Courtesy of Migaloo)

Conceived by an Austrian design and engineering firm, the Migaloo Private Submersible Yacht is among the best-designed luxury concept superyachts. Sure, the vessel includes such amenities as a helipad, swimming pool, movie theater, wine cellar, and library. But what makes this concept so exciting is that it can submerge, effectively turning into a private submarine.

3. "UFO" yacht brings space travel design to the sea

UFO yacht

(Rendering: Courtesy of Jet Capsule)

The goal for Jet Capsule, an Italian engineering and design firm, was to create a yacht that doubles as a small residence and is energy-independent. Dubbed the UFO, the concept yacht consists of a 40-foot, saucer-shaped platform, with a spherical cabin at its center. The outer terrace can be used for a variety of activities, while the upper half of its central cabin serves as the kitchen, living room, and dining room. Stairs lead to the lower half of the dwelling, which contains a bedroom and bath, with the addition of a wraparound window offering views of the underwater scenery.

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4. Whale-like yacht with tropical rooftop garden

whale yacht

(Rendering courtesy of Charles Bombardier)

This concept yacht, which would cost upwards of $100 million, features an on-deck tropical garden. But that's not what makes this vessel truly special. Created by Montreal-based designer Charles Bombardier, the superyacht operates through two stabilizing side pods and a third section that trails the vessel like a tail, moving through the water like whale.

5. Superyacht offers expansive luxury

huge yacht

(Rendering: Courtesy of Andy Waugh)

This year, U.K.-based designer Andy Waugh created a 427-foot superyacht concept, among the world’s largest. The massive craft also showcases a curvy black-and-white exterior, with five levels that extend almost entirely around the yacht, providing sweeping views of the water.

6. The Black Swan -- simple and sleek design

21c8844a-black swan yacht

(Rendering: Courtesy of Timur Bozca)

Crafted by designer Timur Bozca, the Black Swan superyacht concept is a striking vessel that proves the power of simplicity. Made from aluminum and steel, the yacht features a stunning pool that funnels toward the stern and seems to disappear into the ocean. The Black Swan also includes a sundeck, balconies that are hidden from view, and a rooftop helipad.

7. Detachable beach house for guests

mothership and beach house yacht

(Rendering: Courtesy of Feadship)

Dutch firm Feadship has envisioned a 244-foot-long concept yacht that comprises a mother ship, a detachable beach house, a two-person drone, and two 80-foot tenders, offering guests plenty of ways to enjoy their time on the water.