We have a national love affair with water slides, bumper cars, and screaming rollercoasters.

There is nothing that completes our summer travel agenda quite like a visit to an amusement park. Whether you like tiny home-grown parks or gargantuan theme parks, Yahoo Travel has got you covered. We went in search of the most amazing amusement parks the country has to offer in each state. Here is our list to keep you park hopping from coaster to coaster.

1. Arizona


(Castles and Coasters)

Castles and Coasters has coasters, a log flume, bumper cars, and mini-golf. If that isn’t enough, take a spin on the go-cart track.

2. California


(AP Photo)

In a state so packed with great amusement parks, Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier stands out for fun, atmosphere, and the sheer joy of playing on this famous landmark.

3. Georgia


(Stone Mountain Park)

Stone Mountain Park is part history, part outdoor adventure, and part theme park. Ride the summit tram, walk to the top of the mountain, then enjoy an incredible laser and fireworks show at the end of the day. And did we mention the campground and 18-hole golf course? Way more than an amusement park.

4. Illinois


(Six Flags Great America)

Six Flags Great America has an old-fashioned small-town amusement park built right in. But don’t let the tame rides in the Hometown Square section of the park fool you; this park is also home to “Goliath,” the fastest and steepest wooden coaster in the country.

5. Kansas

Worlds Tallest Waterslide

In this photo taken with a fisheye lens, riders go down the world's tallest water slide called "Verruckt" at Schlitterbahn Waterpark, Wednesday, July 9, 2014, in Kansas City, Kan. The 168-foot-tall waterslide is scheduled to open to the public Thursday, after initially being slated to open May 23. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) (AP Photo)

Schlitterbahn Waterpark opened its Kansas operation in 2009, making it the first non-Texas park owned by the company. The park is now home to the world’s tallest waterslide — Verrückt, featuring a 168-foot drop!

6. Maryland

SFAM Bourbon Street Fireball Key Art

(Six Flags America)

Six Flags America is packed with the usual dose of Six Flags fun. Their newest coaster, “Ragin’ Cajun” is featured in the park’s Mardi Gras section. Unlike some of Six Flags’ water parks, Hurricane Harbor is located within the same park has nas no additional charge for entry.

7. Michigan


(Cedar Fair Parks)

Michigan’s Adventure has an exciting selection of 53 rides spread over 250 acres. There are seven coasters, including “Shivering Timbers,” the sixth longest wooden coaster in the world.

8. New Jersey


(Clementon Park and Splash World)

Clementon Park and Splash World is a mid-sized park with the pizazz of a bigger facility. Of course, it’s hard to ignore the tallest and longest steel coaster in the world at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson. Kingda Ka is also the second fastest in the world, rocketing riders to a crazy 128 miles per hour. The only faster coaster in the world will cost you a trip to the United Arab Emirates.

9. Tennessee



The amusement park at Dollywood is only a fraction of the mega entertainment resort complex. Besides coasters and water rides, the park is known for amazing entertainment.

10. Virginia


(Photo: Busch Gardens Williamsburg)

Busch Gardens Williamsburg brings the animal fun this franchise is known for to Virginia, mixing informative and hilarious shows with thrill rides. We also like Kings Dominion for the “Intimidator 305,” the ninth tallest steel coaster in the world.

Find the best amusement park close to home.

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