Tennessee tree house puts all other forest dwellings to shame

Today we learned that some dreams might lead to one heck of a tree house.

Seeker Stories (h/t Digg) caught up with Chuck Sutherland who was taken by the Minister’s Tree House in Crossville, Tennessee.

As Sutherland relays, the tree house is stunning. It stands 97 feet in the air, which is thanks to six load bearing trees.

Anyone who has ever considered having a similar arboreal abode, either as a child or an adult, can appreciate the spectacle thanks to a wonderfully insightful video.

If only we had bigger trees and more lumber as kids:

Seeker Stories explains, via the video: “The tree house was named after the man who decided to build it, Minister Horace Burgess. According to Horace, the idea for the tree house came to him in a vision while he was deep in prayer.”

The daydream led to a 14-year architecture project that once welcomed the curious and the faithful.

While the video offers hope, however slim, that the tree house may one day welcome tourists anew, it is indeed closed.

RoadsideAmerica.com offers directions to the site but also delivers a stern warning: “Remember that when you visit, you will be trespassing, and that the tree house is not a funhouse. There are no safety precautions. You visit at your own risk.”

Now the video cited obvious fire concerns for the closing, but we might be apprehensive to meander about the inner recesses knowing how questionably it was built.

Still, Sutherland states in the video that this was all part of the intrigue for tourists: “Those are the things that made it fun and attracted people.“

For some reason we are drawn to the intrigue of danger, which may be why it seemed so inviting to have a tree house of your own growing up — no matter the state of your respective backyard forest.

While the landmark may be closed at the moment, we'd like to thank Seeker Stories for pulling back the curtain on a hidden gem tucked away in Tennessee.

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