Taking a nostalgic trip aboard Disneyland's original Star Tours

Thanks to those darn RX pilots, we still haven’t set foot on Endor. Until then, we will keep our bags packed and enjoy the various videos that highlight the brilliance of the original Star Tours.

This is our weekly embrace of wonderful nostalgia, which this time around centers on an attraction very near and dear to my heart.

The same may go for any of you who visited Disneyland from 1987 to 2010. While a new version is up and running, the following videos highlight the debacle that ensues when you let an RX-24 take the captain’s seat.

For the uninitiated, here is a look at how the ride unfolded over the course of a couple decades:

[youtube VEVlU3fwSMA]

Isn’t this always the case?

You are all set for a relaxing holiday on a verdant planet and the next thing you know you are thrown into a massive battle against the Rebellion and Imperial scum. (Apologies to any Imperial loyalists in the audience.)

If that didn’t get you excited to traverse the galaxy, perhaps you need to take a gander at this old commercial that promised no less than a full “Star Wars” experience:

[youtube ecC_JCJ-KBQ]

Now Episode VII is set to open later this year, and we all have the opportunity to now own lightsabers, droids and other remarkable toys. Yet there was a time when you had limited options when you wanted to geek out to this franchise.

Star Tours remained one of the best.

Here’s a nice little press video that features C-3PO introducing the craft and pilot that would have taken you to one of the most pristine and peaceful places in the universe.

It even features a young, clean-shaven George Lucas who looks positively bored by his interview. Hooray!

Lastly, we take you on a grainy trip back to 1987 when the ribbon was cut on this now Tomorrowland classic.

Still a better production than “The Phantom Menace.”

The Force remains strong at Disney parks, and will only get stronger in coming years.

The original Star Tours ride, however, still remains a legend among so many iconic rides and attractions.

It’s the one trip that offered unforgettable thrills and excitement even if you didn’t exactly make your ultimate destination.

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