If want to sleep like Anna and Elsa in the hit movie "Frozen," here's your chance.

Quebec City’s famed Hôtel de Glace has revealed the first look at its exclusive, limited Frozen-inspired suite.

Created entirely out of sculpted ice and snow, the “Frozen Suite” is modeled after the two sister's bedrooms from the hit Disney animated film.  The stay will also include time in a “Frozen Activity Cave.”

Frozen mania has taken hold for those wanting to delve deeper into the Disney story based on Hans Christian Andersen’s winter myth “The Snow Queen.”

Last month, Adventures by Disney announced a new Norway itinerary inspired by the film.  The eight-day itinerary includes visits to Bergen, the real-life inspiration for the kingdom of Arendelle in the movie, a safari through Fjord Country, time to explore the capital city of Oslo, a raft trip down a river in Voss, and a visit to the stave churches that inspired the film’s architecture.

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Already there are rumors that they're might open a Frozen-inspired attraction at Norway in Epcot Center and Disney CEO Bob Iger hinted that Frozen may inevitably head to Broadway.

Frozen has also scored two Oscar nominations, one for Best Animated Feature, and another for the film’s musical showstopper “Let It Go.”

The suite will be unveiled this weekend and remain open through March 23.