Spirit Airlines Mocks Charlie Sheen in Latest Ad

Spirit Airlines, which topped our list of offensive ads earlier this week, is at it again. Its latest sale is makes light of the disturbing drug-themed ravings of Charlie Sheen.

"BRING IT' with 'WINNING' fares starting as low as $27* each way, based on round-trip purchase!" declares the bargain-bin airline in an ad for its "Living the Dream" sale. The phrase is a reference to Sheen's tragic downward spiral now being played out before the cameras.

The mainstream media is so concerned about Sheen's hard-partying ways that many outlets have written early obituaries in the event of his sudden death. At Spirit, though, the increasingly nonsensical ravings of a confessed drug addict are fodder to sell airline seats.

Sheen's antics are a big target for comics this week, and the media has gleefully participated in what could be one of the most public cries for help in history. (Sheen claims to be clean, having cured himself with "the power of my mind.") Although his unpredictable statements don't have to do with travel, Spirit has a history of trying to raise controversy with shocking marketing campaigns.

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