Spike Aerospace’s S-512 Supersonic Jet promises to fly from New York to London in three hours

Imagine being able to jump on a plane that can get you from New York to London in just three short hours.

This dream could soon become a reality thanks to Spike Aerospace’s S-512 Supersonic Jet.

The dual-engine aircraft promises to revolutionize business trips by reducing flight times by 50 per cent.

“Flying 450mph faster than any other civilian jet, the Spike S-512 will enable customers to do more and enjoy more out of life,” Spike Aerospace wrote on its website.

In addition to efficient travel, the jet boasts a luxurious cabin that can comfortably fit up to 18 passengers.

The windowless cabins will have a live feed of the outside world or whatever you want projected on the screen.

The windowless cabins will have a live feed of the outside world or whatever you want projected on the screen. (Spike Aerospace)

More impressively, the Multiplex Digital cabin has large screens in lieu of traditional windows offering unparalleled opportunities for entertainment.

“The windowless cabin we will feature in the Spike S-512 can present a live feed of the outside world, a beautiful sunset, a movie, a power point presentation or anything else you select,” Spike wrote.

While the S-512 has remarkable design and functionality, it has been a long journey since the initial concept was unveiled to the world in 2013.

“Since that conceptual rendering, our engineers have been focused on aerodynamic analysis and design optimisation to meet three requirements: safety, performance and cost-effectiveness,” Spike wrote.

“The past 18 months have resulted in significant improvements in all three factors and in a few additional areas like sonic boom, range and comfort.”

The most noticeable change to the aircraft design is that there are now modifications to the wings and tail.

“The new delta wing of the S-512 delivers high aerodynamic efficiency and improved flight performance in both low-speed flight and supersonic cruise,” Spike wrote.

“The highly swept leading-edge reduces wave drag and consequently reduces fuel burn and increases range.

“Improved stability characteristics of the new S-512 design allowed us to eliminate the horizontal tail resulting in further reduction of drag and weight.”

While the plane is not yet commercially available, those looking to purchase the S-512 should start saving with the final price expected to cost between $60 million and $80 million.