Southwest surprises newlyweds with mid-flight ‘wedding’ ceremony

Newlywed couple Taylor and Mikaela Flowers probably expected nothing more than pretzels and a few complimentary beverages on their flight to Mexico, but what they got instead was a second “wedding” ceremony.

Taylor and Mikaela were en route from Texas to Riviera Maya, Mexico, for their honeymoon when a Southwest flight attendant took it upon herself to set up the special ceremony in their honor.


According to ABC News, the flight attendant first got the idea when Taylor ordered a whiskey in honor of his honeymoon festivities. Unbeknownst to him or his bride, she then began making arrangements and “attire” for the ceremony, including a veil fashioned from toilet paper, and two crowns made from pretzel baggies.

"About an hour later the stewardess came back and I was asleep and she pulled us both out of our seats and my wife asked me, 'What did you do wrong?'" Taylor told ABC News.

The flight crew soon notified the couple of the surprise ceremony, and the two were more than happy to play along.

As seen in a YouTube video Taylor posted on Aug. 7 — just three days after his actual wedding on Aug. 4 — Mikaela walked down the “aisle” to an instrumental rendition of Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” (which played over the loudspeaker) before meeting Taylor near the front of the cabin, where the flight attendant acted as an unofficial officiant.

“As we gather here today on Flight 228, with service to Cancun, to wed Taylor and Mikaela, we would like all of you to join us in well-wishes to this newlywed couple.”

She also instructed Taylor and Mikaela to repeat a set of Southwest-inspired vows.

“We vow to love each other, only fly Southwest, and to always put our small carry-on bags underneath the seat and not in the overhead bins,” said the flight attendant, with the couple echoing every word.


Afterward, the couple told ABC News that the other passengers had been instructed to write down advice for the bride and groom on their cocktail napkins.

"Our favorite one said, 'It’s a good thing you guys are cute together because you woke me up from my nap,'" Mikaela said.

"It was awesome," she said.

A representative for Southwest added that the airline is proud of how its flight attendants have fun with the customers and "share the love onboard!"