A great way to spend a leisurely trip with family or friends is by driving a recreational vehicle to your destination. Many of these vehicles come with a bathroom, kitchenette and a bedroom, and are ideal for relaxed road trips and camping adventures. They are also affordable, comfortable and convenient. Here are a few tips to consider before renting a recreational vehicle:

Is it right for you?
Before you begin the rental process, decide on what type of journey you will take. Longer road trips are more suitable for the RV. Some tourists fly to a city and then take a rented RV for the rest of their vacation. This allows them to be comfortable while driving between locations. With an RV you can decide the pace of your trip, depending on how you feel on a day-to-day basis. For example, if you feel drowsy while driving, you can simply pull over and take a nap in the back on a sofa or bed. If this is the type of trip that you would like to take, then renting an RV is right for you.

What do you need?
There are many online rental websites and different types of RVs to choose from. There are three classes of motor homes that range from large to small. Depending on the number of people traveling with you and what kind of space you want, choose a vehicle size with the amenities that best suit your needs.

Get started
The internet has made RV rentals a fairly effortless affair. A good way to find rental locations is with this location tool. Just type in your city and state, and a list will show up of nearby Recreation Vehicle Rental Association members. Find a location and reserve the type of RV you want online. You can make arrangements to pick up and drop off your RV at the same location. Or you can rent the RV one-way, drop it off at your destination and fly back home.

For most rental locations you will need to put down a deposit. In addition to the rental cost, other fees will apply. You will need to pay an estimated mileage charge that is determined before you begin your trip. There will also be fees for the generator charge and other amenities. Overall, however, many travelers find renting an RV cost-effective because campgrounds are much cheaper than hotels. You will also save money on food. Instead of eating out at restaurants, you can cook in the RV or at a campground. Make sure you pack cooking equipment, dining utensils and safety materials in advance.