If an Italian businessman can buy a haunted island for €400,000 ($545,900), imagine what you can get for less than a million dollars U.S.

Fancy a palm-laden paradise in French Polynesia? A second home in the Bahamas? An entire island in Alaska? (That’s a pine paradise, not to be confused with a palm paradise.) It’s yours.

We found a wide variety on Private Islands Online—take a look.

1. Piaçabuçu Islands, Brazil

(Private Islands Online)

Sale price: $79,500

Size: 81.58 acres, non-developed

Just up the Rio São Francisco in northeastern Brazil, these six islands­ cost the equivalent of a new Bentley. And they come with coconut trees.

2. Kastawei Island, Vanuatu, South Pacific

(Private Islands Online)

Sale price: $199,000

Size: .81 acres, non-developed

Let’s start with the fact that this sounds like “Castaway Island.” Live out your Robinson Crusoe fantasy with your very own South Pacific island, surrounded by a reef and white-sand beaches.

3. Tahifehifa Island, South Pacific

(Private Islands Online)

Sale price: $370,205

Size: 1.09 acres, non-developed

The Google Maps view of this island (just search “Tahifehifa”) shows a tiny circle in the middle of a whole lot of blue—an oasis surrounded by a coral barrier reef, with whales reportedly cruising nearby.

4. Bonefish Cay, Bahamas, Caribbean

(Private Islands Online)

Sale price: $599,000

Size: 6 acres, partially developed

Bonefish Cay is a short flight from Nassau and primed for a few new bungalows.

5. Ahe Atoll Motu, French Polynesia

(Private Islands Online)

Sale price: $640,000

Size: 17 acres, non-developed

This palm paradise in the Tuamotu Archipelago (comes with your own turquoise lagoon!) drew the likes of noted French yachtsman Bernard Moitessier, who had his pick of stopovers on his voyages around the world.

6. Cobb Island, Alaska

(Private Islands Online)

Sale price: $645,000

Size: 4.49 acres, non-developed

The air doesn’t get much fresher than on this cedar- and spruce-covered island in Sitka County.

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