They say if you stare at it for more than a moment your endorphin levels will reach historic levels. Some say that it has even garnered peace in various parts of the world. And there is a rumor that its mere mention will make that glass you are drinking from instantly look half full.

It’s Prince’s passport photo, and it’s everything.

CNN’s Lisa Respers France leads us down a rabbit hole from which we can never return. The reporter spotted the following tweet that shows off the splendor that is Prince’s passport photo.

You will now forever live in a world where you know this exists. Life is now that much more awesome.

This differs from your own passport photo in one important aspect: Prince actually tweeted the image out.

My own particular image, complete with frown and sans glasses, makes me look like an overweight Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament player that was stirred awake at two in the morning.

And I am sure that yours, no matter how wonderful your actual face might be, roughly resembles you on your worst day.

Passport photos have that special power, like the worst kind of Harry Potter magic. However, Prince…Prince might be able to fly on this photo alone, putting it under his size five feet and sailing the land as if it were some miniscule carpet ride.

I now no longer want to be a better person. I want to be a better passport photo. I want to be like this image, and will waste whatever life I have to accomplish that feat.

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