A passenger was left disgusted to find that used hair extensions had been left in their seat pocket on a flight.

They were also left on the floor – and hadn’t been cleaned up.

The offending video was posted to Passenger Shaming, an account that uncovers grim videos of bad flight etiquette from all over the globe.

It shows long, straight blonde weave that presumably fallen out of the head of the person who was sitting there before and then left there.

The caption on the video reads: “Just another hairy sitch... Excuse me ma’am, you forgot something.”

User wendy_pineapples commented: “That's so gross, like I can't or don't want to think about it. Then on another flight some mother will let her baby put their mouth on that pocket.”

Meanwhile user life_nonstop702 said: “I have seen a lot but this is a first.”

Earlier this month Olympian Shaun White outed a passenger for resting their bare feet in the air behind his head.

The snowboarding champ shared the gross video and put the fellow passenger to shame.

In the video Shaun looks into the camera and shakes his head.

He then zooms in on the person behind – who is flexing their toes.

The caption reads: “Tag someone who probably does this.”

One Instagram user wrote: “Hahaha, so gross, at least they’re clean and not crusty."

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