Pilot writes 32 late notes for school after 20 hour delay

Here’s a teaching moment.

An easyJet pilot wrote 32 absence notes for students after a 20-hour delay caused them to miss their classes.

A group of mostly students and their parents were flying from Cyprus to London’s Gatwick airport but heavy fog prevented them from returning until the next day.

Captain Wayne Mott joking said over the loud speaker that he’d write a note for school explaining the absence and was shocked when he got a request for 32 notes, including one from a teacher.

The Daily Mail reports that Joshua Skuse, 8, a student at Herne Junior School in Petersfield, Hampshire, showed his letter to his teacher, which read: "I am very sorry that Joshua was not at school today.

"He has been involved in a secret mission in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea at very short notice.

"We hope that this mission will soon be complete and that he will see you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on Tuesday morning."

Skuse's teacher later invited Captain Mott to come in and give a talk to the students.