Paris debates opening special park space for nudists

Paris city councilmembers are debating a new proposal Monday that would create park space for tourists and locals to hang out in the nude.

The proposal, put forth by the Green Party of Paris, has received support from several high profile officials, including Parisian mayor Anne Hidalgo who called the measure ““très sympa [nice/fun],” according to FRANCE 24.

Public nudity is currently prohibited in France, unless a site has specifically been approved for naturists, and carries a fine of up to $16,800 and a year in prison.  There is one swimming pool in Paris’ 12th arrondissement that reportedly allows nudity three evenings a week.

Today, city councilmembers are set to discuss designating separate public park or garden space for people to enjoy themselves without being restricted by clothes.

“We need to find the right place and we don’t want to upset anyone or ruffle feathers,” Deputy Paris’ deputy mayor, Bruno Julliard, told RMC Radio.

Julliard added that the nudist movement is becoming increasingly popular and that "Other European capitals have done so, very recently Berlin.”

Green Party councillor David Belliard, who sponsored the proposal, told journalists, “France is the world’s top destination for naturists, and every year two million Germans, Dutch, Britons and Belgians come to the country for its nudist beaches. It shouldn’t be impossible to accommodate them in Paris too.”

He added, “We have to find an outdoor space where nudism is allowed, in the city’s parks, forests or on the banks of the Seine.”

Nude dining is also taking off around the world with several restaurants opening up recently catering to naturist clientele. In London, The Bunyadi had a waitlist of over 25,000. The naturist concept is set to open in Paris this fall.