On new futuristic supersonic jet everyone gets a window seat

At last, those awkward fights for the window seat may finally be over.

Boston-based aviation engineering firm, Spike Aerospace, recently released plans for a new, supersonic, business-class jet equipped with full-length digital screens that turn every seat into a window seat.

The company claims that by removing the windows the aircraft has a reduced weight, part count and air drag, allowing it to fly at faster speeds than the average, window-spotted jet.

At supersonic speeds, the aircraft will allegedly be able to make the trip from New York to London in about four hours and will be able transport passengers from Los Angeles to Tokyo in five hours.

Much like the digital balconies Royal Caribbean is introducing on its cruise ships, the “windows” of the jet will offer panoramic views of the sky and landscape, created from micro-cameras on the outside of the jet.

For those who do not want a view, passengers will be able to dim the screens or program them to display various pre-loaded images instead.

The jet will reportedly cost $80 million and is set to debut in 2018.