Behold the great traveling baby of 2016.

Now we don’t mean to make you feel inadequate as a traveler, but there is a 17-month-old baby out there who is putting your collection of passport stamps to shame. Shame we tell you.

The Daily Mail introduces the world to the adorable baby Esmé who has seen a wide swath of the world so far—not that she will remember much of it.

As reported, Esmé started her journey to parts of Asia, Australia and New Zealand when she was 10 weeks old.

Being that she is an infant, it makes sense that Esmé decided to take her parents along for the trip.

Those parents would be the quite adventurous Karen Edwards and Shaun Bayes who decided to use maternity leave as an opportunity to do some traveling, completely ignoring the fact that there was an infant in tow.

Apparently, Esmé is beyond her years as a traveler, because the journey has been a rewarding one.

And the parents now have their own blog at Travel Mad Mum along with the appropriate social media channels to tout their budding family’s adventures.

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