One man is knitting his way through the world’s biggest landmarks — and the Internet can’t get enough.

Samuel Barsky of Maryland has been knitting sweaters since 1999. But it’s not his knitting prowess that has turned the 43-year-old husband into an unexpected social media phenomenon — it’s his sweater designs.

Barsky freehand draws and then knits sweaters of famous landmarks, that he then poses in, in front of the actual landmark.



Barsky's landmark sweaters have earned him over 26,000 followers on Instagram and made it possible for him to knit professionally. (Samuel Barsky)

Barsky started sharing his love of homemade sweaters online in 2013, he told Fox News, when he “discovered that Facebook had different groups for all different interests, including knitting.”

Barsky then started routinely posting pictures of his sweater selfies and “instantly” became a big hit. Since then, he has amassed a social media following of over 26,000 on Instagram and 7,000 on Facebook, who are loving the famous knits.

“This is one of the ones that really blow me away when I remember that you do these FREEHAND. I couldn’t do this so clearly with a pattern! Absolutely amazing,” one fan wrote on Barsky’s sweater of the Golden Gate Bridge, which earned 1,200 likes.

He told Fox News he decided to create landmark sweaters after seeing a picture of London’s Tower Bridge.

“After first knitting a few sweaters with generic scenery, I saw a picture of London’s Tower Bridge and thought it would make a great sweater,” he said.


Barsky picked up knitting as a hobby in 1999. (Samuel Barsky)


The knitting enthusiast has reportedly made a total of 119 sweaters from his travels over the years, Time reported. And his fans should be happy to know he has no plans on stopping — and he might even roll out some of his famous sweaters for the masses.

“It is a career for me now. I have made a career out of knitting events. And I am planning in the future to have them mass produced, to write books on the topic, and a lot more,” he told Fox News.