The last thing this world needs is a bigger, more elaborate, selfie stick to dominate the entrances of iconic landmarks and the street corners of popular destinations around the world.

Oh, but we may be in the early days of just that.

Mashable’s Lance Ulanoff introduces us to the Selfie Stick Unreal, a selfie stick that is, thankfully, not quite real.

It’s real in the sense that someone has indeed fabricated its parts and assembled it for use. But it’s not real in the sense that you are unable to go out and buy the annoying monstrosity.

The stick, which many of you insufferable people are now craving, was made by Thinkmodo for an advert of sorts for the reality-TV show “Unreal” on Lifetime.

One look at the thing and you will admit that, yes, this is indeed where things are headed:

This is the narcissist’s delight, complete with a light studio and set of fans to give you the wind-blown look. (Although the fans do admittedly get some help from bigger fans in the video.)

As the article asserts, the selfie stick does indeed work. The actress using the device was able to work the mechanisms to get the selfie stick working properly.

Now before you think this is something that will remain in the land of fantasy, Mashable spoke with Thinkmodo’s co-founder, Michael Krivicka, who offered hope to those who might want that studio look for their tourist pictures.

Krivicka first explains, “Lifetime wanted something that communicated self-image manipulation.”

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In that, they completely succeeded. The co-founder then continues, “We hate to see an awesome idea like this going to waste. If there was enough demand, we’d go back to Lifetime, put our heads together and see what we can do with this.”

Mashable isn’t convinced the market would devour a heavy device like this. We say it’s just a matter of time before people are walking around with automated selfie sticks that extend with the push of a button only to immediately display a host of bright lights – and all for that important Instagram image.

You’ve all been warned.