Instagram romance: Traveling couple goes viral with creatively posed shots from across the world

Ask any couple that's spent a lot of time apart and they'll most likely say doing long distance isn't easy.

Missing a loved one a million miles away isn't exactly fun but one creative couple originally from New York City has found a unique way to pass their time apart-- and still be together in an artistic way.

Meet Becca Siegel and Dan Gold. They first met in the winter of 2015 but just a few months after meeting, Gold received a job opportunity he just couldn't turn down. But it involved traveling 12 months out of the year. Becca is originally from New York but has also spent significant time overseas, so travel has been an integral part of their relationship from the beginning.


When they're apart, the globetrotting couple strategically pose for individual pictures then splice the images together, showcasing a similar pose or space seen through their own eyes on opposite sides of the world.

This summer the couple will be able to spend some together in New York City before jetting off to East and South Asia in July.

Fox News caught up with wanderlusters just ahead of their next trip...together.

Fox News: You’ve managed to stay together living apart for quite awhile. What are some of the secret tips to making a long distance relationship work?

HalfHalfTravel: The key to making a LDR [long distance relationship] work is understanding and communication. If you don't hear from your boyfriend/girlfriend for half a day, it's because they lost service on a mountain (both guilty) or because their phone died (same for this), and not because they don't miss you.

It's equally important to plan visits/trips and look forward to having new adventures together, counting the days til you next see the other person, knowing that you're both thinking about each other and of course, sending postcards and surprises in the mail!

Fox News: How did the idea for the Instagram account come about?

HalfHalfTravel: After Dan left the U.S. for Europe, Becca wanted a project which they could both work on together, despite the distance. After stitching together a photo of their two cups of coffee (Becca’s in Manhattan and Dan’s in London) and receiving a great response from her friends on her personal Instagram account, the two whipped up a few more images and started @Halfhalftravel.

Fox News: Do you take photos with the idea of the other half in mind or do just go for it then select photos that seem to fit?

HalfHalfTravel: We make the pictures fit together so perfectly after trying many times until we get it right. As we are both photographers, we take our photos from travels while we have been apart and find ones that correspond - a motorbike, sunsets on city horizons, cups of coffee, iPhones, travel guidebooks, building facades, cars and plates of food.

If we are not creating half-half images from past photos, we plan to both take photos of the same thing, such as a US Dollar bill + Mexican peso bill, or both of our eyeglasses. The subjects are simple objects that we have both come across in traveling or everyday life, in various countries and continents. We discuss over Whatsapp calls or email to make the plan.

Fox News: What's your favorite trip that you’ve taken together?

HalfHalfTravel: Well...maybe we have two. We loved our road trip around Portugal because a) we got to be together for the first time in more than 100 days and b) because Portugal's landscapes are so diverse and constantly surprised us!

The second is our trip to the "zona cafetera" (coffee region) of Colombia, where we met really cool people and hiked the Valle de Cocora, home to the tallest palm trees in the world.

Fox News: Any trips that you wish you could have taken together?

HalfHalfTravel: Dan probably wishes he could have gone on safari in South Africa with Becca. Becca wishes she could have gone hiking in Morocco with Dan, but…there’s always next year!


Fox News: How do you keep in touch when you’re on the road? 

HalfHalfTravel: To stay connected through the timezones, we chat and call on Whatsapp and GoogleHangouts. We have FaceTime’d from Cape Town, South Africa, to Prague, Czech Republic (in the same time zone, in fact!) and from San Francisco, California, to Rabat, Morocco (an 8-hour difference!). Sometimes we send postcards and surprise each other.

Since Dan left the US for Europe on May 17, 2016, we've only seen each other five times - in Portugal, Spain, Colombia, in the U.S. when Dan visited home around holiday-time last winter, and in Argentina this spring.

Fox News: What are some of your favorite posts?

HalfHalfTravel: Our favorites are the ones of us together and with our backs; also the hand - even the wrinkles line up.  We also love the shot of the orange, but mainly because we based it on the Spanish saying “media naranja,” the way to call someone your soulmate in Spanish - it translates to "half an orange" in English!

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.