It's only natural for the president to rest their heads at some of the best hotels. These luxurious hotels haven't just served as a White House away from home for some commanders-in-chief, but they're places where history --and scandals --were made.

Inn at Crossroads
Charlottesville, Va.

This historic inn, which opened in 1820, was visited by Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt. In the 1930's Roosevelt gave a speech from the front porch of the inn to the local townspeople during his presidential campaign.

Hale Springs Inn
Rogersville, Tenn.

The Hale Springs Inn was built during the mid-1820’s, and provided shelter for Presidents Andrew Jackson, James Polk and Andrew Johnson. The inn has three presidential suites all named after them.

Historic Rosemont Manor
Berryville, Va.

Rosemont was once the estate of Virginia Governor and U.S. Senator Harry Flood Byrd, Sr. Over the years, it hosted Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Lyndon B. Johnson and John F. Kennedy.

The Brown Palace Hotel

This famous Colorado Hotel has been visited by every U.S. president since Theodore Roosevelt, except Calvin Coolidge and Barack Obama. The club located on the hotel’s second floor served as President Eisenhower’s campaign headquarters prior to his election, and the dent his miscalculated golf ball made in the fireplace mental of the Eisenhower Suite can still be seen today.

The Greenbrier Resort
White Sulphur Springs, W. Va.

The Greenbrier has hosted 26 U.S. presidents, and you can see memorable moments from their stays at the Presidents' Cottage Museum. It was also the location of a secret underground bunker for Congress in the event of nuclear war.

Waldorf Astoria
New York

Every president since Herbert Hoover has either stayed at or, in the case of Hoover, lived at this palatial Park Avenue hotel. Barack Obama has stayed in the property's four-bedroom Presidential Suite—along with every U.S. president since Herbert Hoover. George H. W. Bush reportedly was a big fan of the Waldorf's cuisine and the hotel served up culinary specialities, minus the broccoli.

Carlyle Hotel
New York

This luxurious Upper East Side hotel has been a favorite of presidents and world leaders since the 1930’s. President Harry Truman, the first U.S. president to say at the Carlyle, was reportedly known for bolting out of the hotel on his “morning constitutionals.” Legend has it that JFK spent the night with Marilyn Monroe in his hotel suite after she sang “Happy Birthday, Mr. President.”

The Homestead
Hot Springs, Va.

The Homestead, which opened in 1766, has been visited by 22 presidents. It is said that Jefferson stayed at the hot spring resort for 30 days in 1818, at the cost of $2.12.

The Jefferson Hotel
Richmond, Va.

Twelve presidents have stayed at The Jefferson since it opened in 1895: Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, William Howard Taft, both Roosevelts, Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan, both Bushes and Barack Obama.

The Willard

Washington, D.C.

Called the "residence of presidents," every president since Franklin Pierce has either slept in or attended an event at the hotel. Ulysses S. Grant used to be a frequent quest and had the habit of visiting for a drink and cigar in the lobby.  There he would be swarmed by those loitering around hoping to seek favors with the president--and thus the term "lobbyist" was born.