Disney World removes the Confederate flag from Epcot exhibit

Walt Disney World in Orlando has reportedly removed a version of the Confederate flag from its American Adventure theater.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the flag hung at Epcot theme park and was part of a display of more than 40 flags from America’s history. The flag was not a traditional “Southern Cross”, but reportedly featured a smaller blue cross with white stars on a red background that was displayed in the upper left hand corner of a white flag with a thick red stripe border on one end.

The park would not confirm exactly when the flag was removed.

One tourist from Connecticut said that Disney did the right thing by removing the controversial Southern symbol.

"I think in this day and age we shouldn't be promoting a part of our history we're not proud of," Sheri Labowski told the Sentinel on Wednesday.

The American Adventure features animatronics figures of past presidents and statesmen, such as abolitionists Frederick Douglass, who talk about moments in U.S. history, including slavery.

Following the Charleston church shooting on June 17, many have called for the removal of the Confederate flag after gunman Dylann Roof was seen holding the symbol in images on his website before the incident. The South Carolina House on Thursday approved a bill to remove the Confederate flag from the Capitol grounds.

Disney's move comes after the park removed a bronze Bill Cosby bust from its Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame Plaza following the release of court documents showing the embattled comedian had previously admitted getting sedatives in order to have sex with women.