Cuba bringing back 'love hotels' in an effort to discourage public sex

Cuba is looking to bring back some of its love hotels in an effort to encourage lovers to take their X-rated acts indoors.

According to the BBC, authorities in Havana plan to restore a network of hotels where guests can rent rooms by the hour.

Known locally as posadas, the state-run hotels will cost guests about $6.50 for three hours, according to The rooms will feature a bed, a refrigerator and air conditioning.

The BBC reports that love-making is a common sight in Havana. Couples can often be seen expressing their affection on the beach, in parks and even on the Malecon seafront. Overcrowding and scarce housing have compounded the problem.

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Economic challenges and natural disasters brought an end to many of Cuba's love hotels in the 1990s.

The first property to open will be a 16-room motel in Havana called Hotel Vento, according to a representative for the Provincial Housing Company of Havana. Eventually, officials hope to operate a chain of at least five hotels in the Cuban capital.

The return of Cuba's love hotels is poised to be a win-win as new research shows sex is often enhanced inside a hotel room.

The love hotel concept originated in Japan but has been blowing up in Central and South America of late. Locals and visitors alike are drawn to the properties where they can pay a small amount by the hour to indulge.