Camping cats explore the great outdoors in viral social media trend

Think your cat just wants to cozy up on the couch?

Think again, say the founders of the popular Instagram account Camping with Cats.

A spinoff of Camping with Dogs, the feline version shows real cats and their owners hiking mountain trails, playing in tents and even kayaking.

And because cat people are, well, cat people, every post is accompanied by a unique poem.

“When we started the account, we wanted to make it different from other accounts that feature photos of cats, so we decided to write all of our captions as haikus,” Kara Davidson, who runs the account, told

Among the more than 220 posts so far, there are tabbys, Siberians, American shorthairs and more.

Videos of indoor cats being dragged outside on leashes have amassed thousands of views online. Cats aren’t dogs—so do they really enjoy being outside?

“People are always asking how cats don't just run away in fear when you take them camping or hiking,” says Davidson. “I think many people perceive cats as lazy or anxious creatures that would be too scared to go outside and enjoy themselves. In reality, most cats enjoy the outdoors just as much as dogs.”

According to Camping with Cats, felines are just as adventurous as dogs and very curious about trying new experiences.

Want to see if your cat enjoys being outside?

According to the ASPCA, camping with cats (or dogs) can be an enjoyable experience for both human and animal-- but only if the right gear is obtained and the animal isn’t put in a compromising or stressful situation.

Make sure your pet is wearing his or her collar at all times, don’t let them stray far from the campsite and thoroughly inspect your campground for any potentially hazardous leftovers.

Once you've stocked up on a few pet camping essentials-- like a durable leash and speciality first aid kit-- you, Fluffy, Fido and any other-four-legged friends are ready to hit the trails.