Traveling in the digital age is a cinch. You can easily find the best local restaurants and make new friends—on your phone.

When it comes to picking a destination for your next big vacation or even your next meal, nothing beats a personal recommendation from someone who has already made the trip. While you don’t always hear a ton about social networks for travelers, there are a number of great ones out there that can help you make those difficult decisions, and perhaps a few new friends in the process.

1. Wayn


(Wayne, iTunes store)

Sometimes we can all benefit from a little inspiration. With Wayn, you search for new travel destinations based on the type of activities you’d like to do. For instance, you might type in skiing or diving and get suggestions on where the best places are to visit. Already know where you want to go? You can also search by destination and get tips from local on what to do while you’re there.

2. HelloTel



Business travel often means lonely travel. Hellotel creates a localized social network around the hotel you’re staying in, allowing you to connect with other nearby travelers (or locals) to grab a drink or do a little networking. Have a specific need? You can also ask the group questions about everything from restaurants to transportation options and get answers in real time.

3. Trover


(Trover, iTunes store)

A picture is worth a thousand words. Explore some of the world’s most exciting travel destinations through the photos of other travelers. Trover creates Instagram-like galleries you can explore with user-submitted photos from around the world. You can use the images to plan your next big getaway, or to just to take a virtual vacation from your office chair during your lunch break.

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