Despite the devastation that was wrought by hurricane Odile on Sept.14, Los Cabos is on the road to recovery.  In a surprisingly short time, life is beginning to get back to normal.  Some hotels never closed, and plenty more are opening in the weeks ahead.

Mexico relies heavily on tourism and Los Cabos does so almost exclusively.  When an event like Hurricane Odile threatens to close things down, the people on the ground jump into action and make sure that doesn’t happen for long.  The airport in San Jose del Cabo will operate humanitarian aid and rescue flights until Oct. 8, but after that, business and leisure flights will resume.

What’s it mean to you as the holidays approach?  It means you’re going to find some incredible deals designed to lure you back and get this great tourism destination back on track.  You’ll have a chance to support the destination as it rebuilds and have an incredible time in the process.

Here are my top 5 reasons for traveling to Los Cabos for the holidays this season, and even sooner, if you can get away:

Resort Deals

Every hotel in the area will be open for business by the middle of November, according to the Mexican Secretary of Tourism (Sectur), with half being open by the middle of October.  That’s a lot of rooms to fill and the offers are aggressive.  Prices vary by resort, but you can find a 4.5 star all-inclusive resort package, including round trip airfare, for less than $500 per couple per day.  A 3.5 star all-inclusive hotel, should you choose that option, can run you $350 per day per couple, inclusive of air fare.  Step it up for Thanksgiving week at a property like Secrets Marquis and you’ll save thousands versus previous peak holiday periods.

Airline Deals

Airlines, and Alaska Airlines in particular, are offering great round trip non-stop airfare for less than $500 per person up and down the West Coast.  Add in a stop and you’ll see those fares drop below $400 in some cases.  Fares are up for those flying in from the Midwest and the East Coast, but expect those to drop as well as the marketing picks up and the destination gets the word out.

Party With a Celebrity

Downtown Cabo San Lucas is virtually back to normal, albeit without the return of the tourists just yet. Our people on the ground report that Marina Boulevard has been transformed in two short weeks to completely normal, minus a few missing signs.  One thing that’s big in Los Cabos is the celebrity scene, as it’s only a two and half hour flight from Los Angeles.  Many stars are spotted in Cabo San Lucas and you might just spot one or two yourself.   Even if you don’t see anyone famous, the businesses are open and you’re guaranteed to feel like a rock star when they welcome you and thank you for your business.

You’ll Feel The Love

You’re doing something good and supporting a destination, and the people that work there, with your tourism dollars.  You can do it quietly and simply feel good that you’re helping out by choosing Los Cabos for a getaway versus another option.  Or, you can get in some “bragging rights” on Facebook and Twitter by sharing your trip with friends and followers, and indeed help the destination come back even faster and stronger.

Activities Galore

Many people visit a destination and only experience the resort and the beach it sits on.  With Los Cabos, the resort is only the beginning of a great travel experience.  You can rent a dune buggy and take off on a desert adventure that will have you drifting sideways on a secluded beach or heading down a steep, tight trail. You can take advantage of one of the top activities and try your hand at sport fishing or be more adventurous and give surfing try. There are too many activities to list, but rest assured, you’ll have to make some tough decisions on a seven night stay…as you won’t be able to do everything you’d like.  Make some time to visit Todos Santos and San Jose for festivals, dining, beach-combing and history.

Last and certainly not least, you’ll help the destination #TravelForward and feel the warmth and hospitality of the Mexican people as they work hard to make sure you enjoy Los Cabos.

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