We’ve all heard the phrase, “you are what you eat,” but have you ever heard “you are where you eat?”

For French photographer Jonathan Icher, there is a clear connection between food and the country from which it comes.

In his series “Fat Flag“, the photographer recruited the help of makeup artist Anastasia Parquet to paint models as their country’s flag. He then shot pictures of them eating the stereotypical cuisine of their nation.

“I love primary colors and geometric things,” Icher wrote to FoxNews.com. “So I decided to choose five countries and their typical food.”

His choices were the U.S. with a hamburger, Japan with sushi, Italy with pasta, France with a croissant and the U.K. with a fried egg. Each model is not so much snacking as they are feasting – like their nation depended on it.

“There is humor in this series,” said Icher. “It's a kind of extreme patriotism.”

Check out more of Icher’s work at his website.