An angry passenger who was not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol aboard a Paris-bound plane took out his frustrations on a fellow flier by urinating on him.

The mile-high waterworks forced the Air Mediterranee flight from Algiers to divert to Lyon when flight attendants pinned the shirtless goon after a free-for-all, the MailOnline reported.

Another man involved in the melee also was removed from the Airbus A321 at Lyon, where the charter flight was delayed for about three hours.

The airline, based in Toulouse, uses Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris as its hub for domestic flights and international routes to the Canary Islands, Greece and Lebanon, among other destinations.

The pee-brain isn’t the first flier to relieve himself outside of an airplane bathroom.

In September, a man was arrested at Portland International Airport in Oregon after he allegedly urinated on fellow passengers on a JetBlue flight from Alaska.

The 27-year-old man, who had been sleeping for most of the flight, stood up and began peeing through the space between the seats in front of him.

In 2011, French actor Gerard Depardieu was ejected from a CityJet flight from Paris to Dublin after he wet the aisle while the plane was taxiing to a runway.

He fumed that he needed to use the toilet, but was told he would have to wait until the plane was airborne.

This unruly passenger is just the latest example of what a nightmare flying has become: