Halloween isn’t just for the neighborhood trick or treaters’ anymore.

Fans of the spooky holiday are celebrating All Hallows Eve in incredible new and entertaining ways. According to the National Retail Federation about 72 percent of Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year- up from 68 percent last year and the most in NRF’S 10-year survey history.

To gear up for this year’s most terrifying night Amusement parks across the country are getting ghoulish makeovers.

Pete Trabucco, amusement park expert and author of America's Top Roller Coasters and Amusement Parks says, “amusement parks fulfill the needs of thrill seekers so adding in the Halloween theme is a natural expansion for those who are seeking to be scared and get their adrenaline flowing.”

Adding to the thrills of their roller coasters and main attractions, these parks are hosting scare-tastic events all throughout October. Here are some frightful parks you should check out this Halloween season.

Six Flags Great Adventure’s Fright Fest, Jackson, New Jersey
Harrowing heights, racing speeds and downright dreadful loopty-loops make some of Six Flags’ most famous roller coasters scary enough, but throw in a few dead zombies and blood-sucking vampires, and even the bravest of amusement park pros will scream in horror.

Six Flags is celebrating their 21st annual Fright Fest this year, giving their guests 30 Halloween themed shows and attractions.

Promising family-friendly thrills by day and frightful events by night, Six Flags delivers something for everyone. Kids can take a spin around the Trick-or-Treat trail and enjoy live shows like Professor Slithers’ creepy critters, but when nighttime falls and the park turns dark there’s no telling what scary creatures might jump out at you.

The popular theme park is not only extending its Fright Fest run to 6 weeks but is also adding  brand-new frightful shows and three new Terror trails that send guests through demented forests, a voodoo island and even the mind of an evil lunatic.

Price: General admission $62.99 (Additional fee for terror trails)

Screams Park, Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas
In a theme park completely dedicated to Halloween, attendees will scream through a variety of hair-raising haunted houses. Be prepared to be scared as you creep through haunted tours of the Castle of Darkness, an Arcane Asylum, a ghoulish graveyard, a 3D Pirates ship and what’s a Halloween theme park without evil clowns chasing you down in Unkel Koy’s Klown Maze.

For a small additional fee, take a walk down the Frozen with Fear terror trail where frozen fiends await your arrival at every corner.

Packed with more fun and frightening activities visitors can also sit down for tarot card readings or enjoy some chilling sounds at the Scary-Oke tavern.

Price: General admission $24.99

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, Orlando, Fla.
As one of the pioneers behind the horror genre, Universal studios knows its monsters. This year Universal joins forces with some of today’s biggest and most terrifying pop-culture icons.

You may feel safe watching the AMC’s television series "The Walking Dead" from the comfort of your living room, but Universal is bringing the blood-sucking zombies to life in one of their brand-new haunted houses. Putting visitors in the footsteps of the show’s characters you will have to try to survive the zombie apocalypse if you want to make it out of the haunted maze alive.

“You gotta have great killer haunted houses, that’s the spine and backbone of the event,” senior vice president of entertainment for Universal Orlando, Jim Timon told FoxNews.com.

There’s nothing funny about Universals collaboration with Las Vegas’ comedy duo Penn & Teller. The famous illusionists are bringing their own kind of Haunted house experience taking visitors through a 3D tour of ‘Sin City’ after a nuclear explosion. “We worked a lot with the Universal people. They are the pros at this. They are so good at making it scary, sexy and jacked up,” Penn Jillette, the Penn of Penn & Teller told FoxNews.com.

Price: Separately ticketed event; single night ticket $88.99 (see all ticket and vacation package options online)

Nights of Horror at Luna Park, Coney Island, New York
Luna Park, Coney Island's first amusement park since the 1940s, holds its 3rd annual Nights of Horror this fall. This special Halloween event combines all the fun and thrill of the park's favorite rides with the fright and terrors of Halloween.

Stop by the scarecrow themed maze, Cudie Farm (C-U-DIE Farm) where ghostly scarecrows and farmhands follow you through the creepy path hoping you don’t make it out alive.

If you’re up for more scares visit their creepy clown themed maze where you’ll see that the carnies have all gone mad and the Coney Island carnival is taken over by evil clowns.

Once you’ve braved the haunted mazes, take a spin on the 11 Halloween-themed rides that are open for some extra frightful fun.

Price: General Admission $30.00

Kings Island Halloween Haunt, Mason, Ohio
500 creepy creatures and 12 spine-chilling haunted attractions make this park a must-see horror experience in the mid-west.

This year Kings Island is adding new nightmarish attractions like Madame Fatale's Cavern of Terror maze, an eerie punk rock show called Blood Drums and two fear zones where gruesome ghouls and monsters come for you at any given moment.

20 of the parks most terrifying roller coasters and adrenaline pumping rides will also be open to scare and terrorize visitors.

Price: Tickets are $25.99 for Friday nights and $31.99 for Saturdays

“Being scared is a part of being alive, it’s not a celebration of death or sickness it’s to celebrate life and the vibrancy that you are able to feel these things without any repercussions,” Penn & Teller's Jillette told FoxNews.com.