American tourist allegedly tries to take 'souvenir' WWI artillery shell on plane

An American tourist caused a portion of the Vienna Airport in Austria to shut down after she allegedly tried to take an unexploded World War II artillery shell through customs, reports said.

Austrian customs officials called in the bomb disposal unit to remove the shell after the 24-year-old tourist asked if she could take the “souvenir” on her flight, Deutsche Welle reported.

The incident caused a portion of the arrivals and luggage section of the airport to close for 15 minutes, according to the outlet.

The woman said she found the military ordnance while hiking, and even cleaned it off at her hotel room so it wouldn’t get her clothes in her luggage dirty, the outlet reported, citing the Krone newspaper.

The tourist, who was not identified, was fined nearly $5,000 and reported to prosecutors for negligent endangerment, Deutsche Welle reported.

Despite the potentially hazardous situation, police told the outlet passengers were never in any danger.