Being a Disney cast member can be a great job, but it also means you have to follow a lot of rules.

To be clear, literally everyone who works at a Disney Park is called a cast member. From the costumed characters to the ride workers to the custodians, everyone is part of the magic.

To be part of the magic, you have to follow strict guidelines to make sure every park guest has their Disney dreams come true. Costumed characters, for instance, must always stay in character to a fault, even with crotchety or rude guests. No one is allowed to have visible tattoos or extra jewelry and everyone must be on a first name basis with each other.

And, every cast member, no matter who they are in the Disney kingdom, must pick up trash if they see it, according to Brit + Co.

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Yes, even executives in the park do it, too. And while it might be difficult to imagine Elsa or Tinkerbell picking up trash, they do it as well, but in a stylish, in-character way rather than just bending down and picking it up.

Next time you see some litter in the park, keep an eye out for a cast member and you might just get a dose of entertainment with their clean-up job. And if none are around, it doesn’t hurt to pitch in as well, just try to be as graceful as Cinderella.