A Peek at the Amusement Parks of North Korea

One theme park connoisseur is so obsessed with coasters his passion has taken him to 120 parks in 33 countries around the world--including North Korea, a country known for being constantly on the brink of war.

German-born Stefan Zwanzger, known as "The Theme Park Guy," traveled to the communist state to explore three lesser-known theme parks.

Zwanzger describes the first two as "expectedly run-down" parks that "sprawl Soviet-style over large areas." The final theme park, however, left a lasting impression on Zwanzger, who says the Kaeson Fun Fair offers something North Koreans rarely get to experience in the bleak capital of Pyongyang: nighttime lights.

At night, most of Pyongyang descends into total darkness when electricity is cut to light up monument spotlights and statues of leaders. But at Kaeson, visitors get to experience a ray of light--as well as a shining, "flying" roller coaster imported from Italy that offers an escape from a country that Zwanzger describes as "a depressing nightmare."

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