Preparing to pop the question? An important component to consider is the location of the proposal. The spot doesn’t need to be especially glamorous, but a tacky, trashy place will certainly kill the mood, if not the chances your partner will say yes.  While the places all don't require fairly dust and flying unicorns, a marriage proposal at the ballpark during the 7th inning stretch could kill it for you. Take some time to look over seven of the worst places to propose; your partner will be grateful and if it keeps you out of the doghouse, you’ll be grateful, too.

1. Cancun, Mexico



Coming across a boozing, partying college student in this part of Mexico is as likely as coming across a mosquito on a warm summer night. According to the U.S. Department of State, over 10,000 American teenagers and young adults flock to Mexico over spring break each year. Cancun, in particular, is a top pick for young partiers because of its party packages, cheap hotels and rowdy nightclubs. However, for these exact reasons, Cancun is not the place to confess your love.

Instead, take your lover to the small, quiet, laid-back town of Tulum, just 80 miles south of Cancun. Pop the question after a relaxing beachfront massage at the popular Maya Spa or during an outing to the stunning ancient Mayan ruins that sit atop a limestone cliff and overlook the turquoise sea.

2. Death Valley National Park, California and Nevada


March 10, 2005: Wild flowers bloom as a car travels through Death Valley National Park, Calif. (AP)

This shouldn’t need much explaining, as the name in itself ought to be enough of a deterrent for future proposers; however, if you need a little more convincing, keep reading. Although striking, Death Valley also happens to be the hottest and driest desert in North America. Mix in unpredictable, often-windy weather and you have a recipe for disaster. After all, a sweaty partner trying to ask, “Will you marry me?” with a mouthful of sand is not so romantic, is it?

Instead, ditch the desert and head to the Pacific coast to one of the most romantic places in California: sunny Santa Barbara. Once your partner says, “I do” (and in this paradise, it’s hard not to), celebrate with some California wine, a waterfront dinner or a shopping spree at the cute boutiques along State Street.

3. Downtown Singapore



Over the past few years, Singapore has made an effort to attract tourists with the addition of casinos, resorts and theme parks; however, the island still stands by one custom that some tourists, especially couples, find deterring. Singapore frowns upon public displays of affection, which presents an issue for those lovey-dovey, touch-feely couples wanting to celebrate an engagement. To escape judging eyes, hop a ferry to the more secluded Southern Islands.

4. Kingston, Jamaica



Although the Caribbean’s third largest island, Kingston is anything but a Caribbean tropical paradise. The gang violence, drug trafficking and theft that commonly occur in this area have prompted the Jamaican government to declare a State of Emergency in certain parts. Stray from the civil unrest and journey to Negril instead, where couples can roam the infamous white-sanded, 7-Mile Beach. When the day is done, head to Couples Negril, an all-inclusive beachfront resort perfect for couples in need of a little privacy and pampering.

5. Red Light District of Amsterdam, Netherlands


(Amsterdam Marketing)

There’s no doubt about it; Amsterdam exudes romance and beauty, but only in some parts. The notorious Red Light District, where prostitutes stand in windows enticing customers, is more of a sleazy stomping ground for single men than a proposal destination. Steer clear of the red lights and take a trip to Vondelpark, a public park outfitted with ponds, cafes and an open-air theater. Pick a secluded spot, lay out a picnic spread and ask for your partner’s hand in marriage.

6. Linfen, China



We recommend you stay far, far away from this coal-mining town if you have any hopes of a winning over your partner. Time magazine previously named Linfen, located in the northern province of Shanxi, the world’s most polluted place. So, if you picture your proposal including a couple of facemasks, some wheezing, and a gloomy and smoggy backdrop, this is the place for you. Otherwise, retreat to a more nature-friendly place, such as Hangzhou in Eastern China. This tranquil city is often referred to as paradise on earth because of its striking landscape. Don’t miss out on the famous West Lake, where you can drop on one knee amongst temples and serene gardens.

7. Las Vegas Strip, Nevada

71aed1e0-Vegas Handbillers

An unidentified man on a Las Vegas Strip sidewalk hands out cards advertising exotic dancers on Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2012. Las Vegas officials have passed a litter ordinance requiring such “handbillers” to pick up after tourists who drop the materials. The American Civil Liberties Union says the new ordinance might violate free speech protections. (AP Photo/Mead Gruver) (AP)

Gamblers, drunken 21-year-olds celebrating the legal drinking age and hand billers promoting adult services and topless bars overwhelm the four-mile stretch that is the Strip. And did we mention the crowds? In 2012 alone, over 39 million people visited Las Vegas. Unless you want to test your relationship limits, trade in the tacky for the natural and take a trip to Red Rock Canyon, just 15 miles west of Sin City. The vivid red sandstone cliffs, the waterfalls and the lookout points are lovely places for a noteworthy proposal.