22 Disneyland Paris guests and staff accidentally poisoned by swimming pool chemical mix-up

Guests and staff were accidentally poisoned at a hotel in Disneyland Paris over a mix-up with chemicals in its swimming pool.

The incident took place at the New York Hotel in Paris suburb Chessy, France, last Friday, with 22 people treated for nausea and breathing problems.

Paris’ Le Parisian reports that the incident happened after bleach and sulphuric acid was added to the swimming pool.

It's reported that the chemicals were mixed incorrectly, causing chlorine gas to be released.

When chlorine gas is breathed in it can cause swelling of the upper airway, coughing, sickness, chest pain and headaches.

Emergency services were called, and four of the 22 people affected were sent to hospital.

Many guests at the hotel were put up in different rooms away from the swimming and the pool was shut off.

The pool was still shut yesterday after the incident.

Sun Online Travel has contacted Disneyland Paris for comment.

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