If you are holiday shopping for those who adore the outdoors, don’t fret, it should be a cinch. For the camping crowd, there is an endless supply of gadgets: some are time-savers, some are essential--others are just downright cool. Here are a few that will have the outdoorsy types geeking out in no time.

1. Selk’bag Sleeping Bag



This is a sleeping bag you can actually wear. How genius is that? It’s perfect for those who love eating breakfast around the campfire, but don’t feel quite like getting out of their snuggly sleeping bags. With built in arms, legs and hood, you may look a little bit like Gumby, but you’ll be toasty, and that’s what matters. The soles have anti-slip pads and the ends of the arms have quick-release closures, so it’s easy to get your hands out when it’s time to chow down.

2. Scrubba Wash Bag


(Scrubba Wash Bag)

An epic camping trip always involves some pretty peculiar smells. Here’s the solution: Bring a pocket-size washing machine. The Scrubba Wash Bag is a roll-top dry bag with an internal washboard area that allows you to scrub away the stench. This compact, portable laundry system requires no power or electricity and is said to be twice as effective as hand washing.

3. Therm-a-Rest NeoAir All Season Mattress


(Cascade Designs, Inc.)

When it comes to air mattresses, not all are created equal. And the Therm-a-Rest certainly seems to come out on top. After all, it has won several awards, so it must be something special. For starters, it is said to be three times warmer than any other un-insulated air mattress out there, but it is also ultralight and squishes down to the size of a 1-liter bottle (and for those keen on camping, every ounce counts).

4. UE Boom Ultimate Ears Bluetooth Portable Speaker


(Ultimate Ears)

Everything in life is more fun when music in involved. Whether you’re biking, hiking or pitching a tent, it’s nice to have your favorite tunes available. Don’t be fooled by its size, though.  This small, water-resistant speaker is pretty powerful. And the 360-degree design sends the sounds in all directions. You can clip it to your backpack and switch songs, adjust volume and take phone calls from up to 50 feet away.

5. Quilted Fleece Hoodie


(Alternative Apparel)

A hoodie is essential when traipsing through the woods. This quilted one is crafted with super soft fleece, has a drawstring fleece-lined hood, full zip front and side pockets for maximum comfort.

6. Fitzsimmon Boots



We’ve all seen unattractive hiking boots, but take a look at the Fitzsimmons boot by Native. They sure beat the traditional brown boot with orange laces. Better yet, they are made of lightweight foam that molds to the feet. They are odor resistant, washable, waterproof and shock absorbent, too.

7. The Cave Tent



Putting The Cave tent together is as simple as this: roll out, inflate and viola! You’re all set. So for the camper on your list who likes a real time saver, this is it. And better yet, it’s made of 100 percent recycled material. The concept for this innovative tent is based on the structure of a diamond, so it’s efficient and stable. Plus, it’s just plain cool-looking and easily sleeps three. U.S. customers can order online here.

8. Lifeproof frē Phone Case



Chances are, most people who have the iPhone 5s will likely go to great lengths to protect it. Enter the frē for iPhone 5s, a super durable casing that protects it from day-to-day hazards. It has a scratch protector, optical-glass lens, and did we mention, it’s waterproof? So your indestructible gift can go kayaking, jump off a waterfall or survive a torrential downpour. No worries.

9. Snow Peak Hozuki LED Candle Lantern


(Nau International, Inc.)

Stylish campers will appreciate this LED candle, designed in the likes of a Chinese lantern. It provides 80 hours of light and a unique candle mode that responds to sound or wind with flickering light. Plus, there are three brightness settings so you can illuminate the entire camp site or just the book you are reading. The hook comes in handy when you need a light source from above, and you can charge it by using a USB mini cable when working from a laptop.

10. The Grub Hub Kitchen


(The Grub Hub)

Whipping up a killer meal after a long day of hiking is made easier with The Grub Hub.
It features sturdy tables, stove platform, light tower, a large main storage compartment and multiple organizers. And built-in features like a utensil rack, paper towel holder, trash bag, air dry bags and collapsible sink makes campers feel right at home. When you’re done, it all collapses into a durable suitcase.