The latest from the Political Grapevine:

'Stolen Honor'

The Democratic National Committee says it's going to file a complaint with theFederal Elections Commission against Sinclair Broadcast Group — which is planning prime-time showings of an anti-Kerry documentary on its 62 stations before the election.

The documentary, titled "Stolen Honor," features Vietnam POWs who say John Kerry's 1971 testimony against the war prolonged their torture and demoralized them.

The DNC says airing the documentary would amount to a corporate contribution to the Bush-Cheney campaign. Sinclair, however, says the documentary is news since Kerry "made his Vietnam service the foundation of his presidential run."

Sinclair has invited Kerry to participate in a discussion after the broadcast, but his aides say he won't do it.

Teresa's Take

Teresa Heinz Kerry is condemning President Bush for not being sensitive enough to the families of soldiers killed in Iraq insisting that, unlike President Bush, her husband will be able to tell grieving families, "I did everything I could to prevent this. I'm sorry."

What's more, Heinz Kerry says her husband "will never send a boy or girl in a uniform anywhere in the world because of our need and greed for oil."

Tax Matters

The Kerrys may be the richest people ever to occupy the White House — if he's elected — but, according to data cited by the Club For Growth, they're paying a tax-rate far lower than the 20 percent rate of most middle class families.

According to the Club For Growth, the Kerrys had a combined income of $6.8 million last year, and they paid $725,000 in income tax — an effective tax rate of 12.8 percent. The Bushes paid a 30.4 percent tax rate.

Draft Debate

After Congress last week squashed a bill by New York Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel to reinstate the military draft, DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe warned a group of college Democrats in Missouri that a new draft is "clearly a possibility."

And now, the Rock The Vote campaign — self-described as a "non-partisan organization ... [trying] to increase youth voter turnout" — has sent fake draft cards to nearly 640,000 people via e-mail, all headlined: "You've Been Drafted."

The emails, quoted by the Los Angeles Times, warn that "real cards may be in the mail soon if the situation doesn't improve."

A Rock the Vote spokesman, however, insists the e-mail blitz is non-partisan.

Truth About Shinseki

The Washington Post reported over the weekend that former Army Chief of Staff Eric Shinseki was not forced into early retirement for criticizing troop levels in the run-up to the war in Iraq, as John Kerry has claimed.

But, the Post reported, "in revenge for [Shinseki's] comments, Defense Department officials leaked the name of his replacement 14 months early, effectively undercutting his authority."

But, as the Post now acknowledges, that could not have been true either, since Shinseki made his comments after his successor had been identified. The Post has issued a correction.

— FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report