'Your World' viewers sound off again

I cut in. You cut to the chase.

Remember all those nasty e-mails about my interrupting guests too much.

Too many to be ignored, apparently.

...especially for those legions of loyal Cavuto fans who wouldn't have the personal attacks.

Jim in St. Augustine, Fla.

"Neil, just tell them to go pound salt!! You're perfect!!"

Alice via Yahoo.

"Do not listen to those oblivious MSNBC supporters. You present a clear and precise account of what is happening in our world today..."

Tony in Long Island, N.Y.

"Actually your critics are mostly right. You are ugly. You are pushy. And you do look like that kid everyone, even wimps, beat up in school. But...you're still the best, poundage and all."

And this is a supportive e-mail, guys? This is my staff attempting balance in e-mail selection?

Clara in the Bronx.

"Neil, there is no nice way to say you are hideous and mean-spirited and beyond an arrogant jerk...but there are 'nicer' ways to say it..."

"...like instead of calling you an ass, maybe 'affable ass.' that sounds better, to me."

Well, maybe it does to you, Clara. Funny, not to me.

Cheryl via Hotmail.

"Isn’t it funny how many viewers say you are rude and then are rude to you by telling you to shut up and call you names?!"

So true, Cheryl. So true.

Jim e-mails.

You do interrupt everyone on your show! I won't call you names though, because I still love you."

As I do you, Jim.

Mary in Alaska.

"Neil, yikes! Quit showing these mean e-mails -- obviously most of us love, respect and admire you. Those jerks shouldn't be rewarded with their notes on TV. You're a cutie!"

Lynne e-mails.

"Neil, I like you, and you have tried to improve on your interrupting. And now, at least you apologize when you interrupt. So you deserve some credit..."

"...you look like you are afraid your audience is too bored or too stupid to follow complicated points. Give us more credit...but I will say that you interrupt libs and cons equally. Good for that."

Alan in Manteo, N.C.

"Laughed so much, got the hiccups!! You are the best and compared to O'Reilly's interruptions, you're a sphinx."

Mike in Kansas...

"Am I missing something? How do these people find fault with you and your desire to get the information from your guests that will affect their very lives..."

"...oh, they must be watching your show (funny, isn't it) and why is that? They must be wanting a 'no-spin' attitude that fox is famous for. Keep up interrupting these pundits."

Thank you, Mike.

Gayla in La Mesa, Calif.

"Of all the male anchors at Fox, you are perfect. While you do interrupt from time to time, none is worse than Bill O'Reilly (whom I think needs a couch and psychologist)...don't change!!"

Yvonne via AOL.

"How can anyone be so evil and vile to you? I find you to be the sound of reason in this mad, mad world, and look forward to watching you daily..."

"...I cannot explain the attraction to you or your show, but sometimes these things should not be dissected, just enjoyed."

So true, Yvonne...just go with my hypnotic, handsome flow. So true.

And as for those couple of haters who suggested my boss Roger Ailes should can me...

Alice in Cincinnati with a warning to fellow Ohioan Roger...

"I’m an 87-year-old born-again great grandmother who arranges her afternoon to watch your show (and bill lost out at 8 p.m.)..."

"...I just want to say, I love you Neil Cavuto...Roger Ailes, count your blessings!"

Oh, he does, Alice. He does. He just can't say it because it would make bill jealous.

This from jerry out in Chesapeake, Virginia, who writes...

"You should not be fired. In fact, they should extend that contract. Cavuto for president 2016!!!!"

Well, we'll hold off on that...but I won't hold off on getting things right in 2012...because at issue now is too precious to let fritter away.

The issues are too important. And getting it right is too important.

We either get clear...or we might as well tell this country...to get lost.